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National FFA Week

Kelton FFA wanted to do something fun and creative for the whole school to do for National FFA Week. The days were:

Tuesday: Support Your Troops Day

Wednesday: Duck Dynasty Day

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

Friday: Blue and Gold Day


We also held a coloring contest for Pre-K - Third.



(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)Gabriel was the Pre-K winner for Superhero Day. Sarina was the winner for 2nd Grade for Superhero Day.(2012-2013)Jaden was the winner of 3rd grade for Superhero Day. (2012-2013)Shai was the winner for 11th grade for Superhero Day. Joey was the winner for 4th grade on Superhero Day.(2012-2013)Like father like son, Mr. Herndon (science teacher) and Mark Herndon love SUPER HEROS!(2012-2013)Kelton teachers are always happy to participate in everything, looking good Miss Sunni and Mrs. Bentley!(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)(2012-2013)