Great Job, Kelton FTC Robotics Team, at Super Regionals (which comprised the 12 Southern States)

The Robotic Chinchillas from Kelton, Texas went to the Super Regionals competition in San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday March 8 - March 11th to compete against 72 teams from 12 different states. This is the furthest anyone has ever made it in a competition from Kelton School. The Robotic Chinchillas did extremely well considering this is there first year doing FTC (First Tech Competition). The objective for this competition was to construct a robot that would be able to place two plastic men into a rescue bin outside of the field, move debris (blocks and balls) into a scoring zone or into the two buckets for your alliance that are placed on the mountain. With this competition being two minutes and thirty seconds long, you can score eighty points by hanging from the top of the mountain; the Robotic Chinchillas can successfully complete all tasks. Out of the 72 teams that were there, The Robotic Chinchillas placed 24th. They plan to advance to World next year with an even more strategized plan.






Kelton S.T.E.A.M Academy went to Lubbock, Texas on Saturday February 20, 2016 for the State FTC Robotics competition. The Robotic Chinchillas (which consists of Brock Buckingham, Jayton Couch, Mark Herndon and Chelsie Jasper) placed 1st. The Robotic Chinchillas had an average of 200 points per round; there are 4 preliminary rounds, 3 semi-final rounds and 2 final rounds. The Robotic Chinchillas will advance to Nationals where we will take on all of the 12 southern states which are; Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Nationals will be held in San Antonio March 9-11th, 2016. If the Robotic Chinchillas advance from Nationals, they will move on to the World FTC Championship. The World FTC Championship can be held in places like China and Germany but for now, the location is undetermined.


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President: Jasmine

Vice President: Mark

Secretary: Chelsie


Sponsors/Coaches: Roy Herndon, Corrie Orr, Kevin Dougherty, Tori Coulter and Philip Hall