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7th Grade Computers

September 9th, 2016

Hi 7th Grade Class, 

Today you will continue on with Scratch.  You will program the project called “Animate Your Name.”  You can also make final touches on “Make It Fly.”








May 6th,

Test Pinterest Pin Code.


May 5th, 2016

I have been trying to get my students excited about designing a Cell Phone App.  Today, when they came to class and asked if they could go outside and play I said, “If you build me an exercise app you can.”   It was fun to see their excitement as they test and tweeck their code.  The app gives you motivational feedback as you run (shake the phone). Here is what we used as the bases for our code.



Assigment April 6th

For the State Robotics Commercial – Start to edit the Stop Motion movie, by taking out the green and adding the background.  Learn to drill down to adjust scale, position, and opacity.


Photoshop Coloring Assignment

Click here for the Photoshop Coloring Tutorial.



Link to the SpaceWars Assignment

App Challenge

Resources for making Animatronics




Assigment (September 21-23)

Brainstorming for Pay Dirt BEST Robotics Booth

Hi Class,  For the assignment for the next few days, speak with Mr. Dougherty, Mrs. Coulter, and the boys.  Find out what they learned over the weekend.  Brainstorm ways we can create the booth posters, videos, brochures and more. 

SUBMIT YOUR BRAINSTORMING here on this Google Form.

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