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September 9, 2016










My Code - Girls Who Code

Better Approach to Teaching Computer Science

The Power of a Hackathon - From a High Schooler

April 15th

Primitive Type Quiz Review

April 14th 2016, Assigment

Hi Class,

For the last six weeks we are putting a greater focus on Java and continuing on the Makey Makey game.  For today class,  Watch This Video !!!  Its about a question on the UIL test.  Be ready tomorrow for a quiz on the different Java Assignment Operators and the different Data Types.  After that keep working on the Makey Makey game.

Thanks, Mr. Hall


UIL Computer Science

Preparing for the AP Computer Science Principles Test

The Beauty and Joy of Computing

Berkeley’s Beginning Computer Science  – Thriving in our Digital World: AP is a new Computer Science Principles curriculum



Writing Robotics Autonomous Program in Java. 
FTC Robotics
Tutorials by Mr. Hall’s Computer Science
December 2015 –

Autonomous Intro – Before we used additional Abstraction to simplify the program.

How to create the DriveForward Method

How to create the Wheel Stop Method




Assignment October 14th

Hi Computer Science Class,
For todays assigment, you need to go to and find an app that you would like to build.  Try to complete or get as far on the App during the class period.

Philip Hall



Assignments September 21-24

Hi Computer Science Class,

For the next few days, your assignment is to continue to work in App Inventor.  You should recieve instructions for the creation of two new apps.  Work on them.  Also if you would like to troubleshot the Pong App, that would be great or work on another intermediate project.

Submit the code for the apps you create here on this google form.   This will all me to check them on my android phone and grade them.

Have an awesome week
Philip Hall

Philip Hall

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