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Spacewar!  PBL (Project Based Learning)

Inspired by the first shootim up video game, Spacewar!, and the MIT student that developed it, the kelton students are developing a franchise based on that game.  The franchise will include a video game and a movie loosely based on Spacewar!. They will also market there game by creating websites and posters.  

  *   The websites will be created on  The students will update the site weekly to keep their fans excited.
  *   The coming soon poster will be created in Photoshop.  It will be printed on Kelton’s new poster printer.

The Movie
  *   The students will design a spaceship in AutoCAD and/or Autodesk 123D.
  *   They will 3D print their spaceship on Kelton’s new 3D printer.
  *   They will take the 3D printed spaceship and film the battle scenes infront of a GreenScreen.
  *   We will add the backgrounds and lasers and effects in Adobe After Effect.
  *   Music and Sounds will likely be recorded using Garage Band.

The Game
  *   Using Scratch they will create their video games. 
  *   They will also use Photoshop and AutoCAD for the graphics. 
  *   They will build the music and record the audio in Garage Band.


Scratch Starter Assignments.

  1. Follow the tutorials to create a simple Ping Pong game.
  2. Follow the tutorials to create a Hide and Seek Game
  3. To help begin creating your main game, you can use existing scratch games to assist you with coding, like this one.  On the website include credit to the game that helped with the coding.
  4. Other helpful tutorials can be found here.

Rocketship 3D Design and Printer

  1. Link to Download Autodesk 123D
  2. Starter Videos Tutorials include Creating basic objects * Moving and snapping * Grouping objects

DUE Dates

Grading and Rubrics
Weekly Work Ethic Grade – 20 points for each day of the week.
Creating the Ping Pong Game –
Creating the Hide and Seek Game –
Rocketship Design –
3D Printed and painted Spaceship –
Poster –
Website Weekly updates –
Green Screen Filming –
Editing the Movie Together –
Audio Creation –
Music and Sound Effects –




One of my students modified this game; fixing bugs and adding to the game.